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National Public Radio – All Things Considered:

Military Families Learn to Live with The New Normal

Who’s Your Grandma? These Days Nobody Is

The Homefront Essay

Serving Overseas and Feeling Alone Out There

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Military Families Living in Dread of Cuts

War Weary? What are You Complaining About?

Army Wife: Our Sacrifice Could Be Worth the Cost

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The Huffington Post/

The Unbearable Absence of Smelling

Living ‘The New Normal’ in a Military Family

Coming to Terms With Loss

Letting Go of Loved Ones and Airplanes

The Washington Post

Does Michelle Obama Support the Troops?

The New York Times

‘We’ Got Him

Longer Wars, Fewer Medals of Honor

Getting Beyond Who Had it Worse

Finding Home Again After Deployment

War on the Heels of a Wedding

and in this book published by The New York Times

Why American Sniper is for Military Wives

Two-plus years of weekly Must Have Parent Columns, like this one:

StandTo Blog for Army leaders:

From Rebekah’s blog for The Fayetteville Observer: (viral)

The Worst Things You Can Say to a Woman Whose Husband is Deployed

From The War Report

Military Wives Serve, Too

Kiwi Magazine

What Its Really Like to Consume Your Own Placenta

Gretchen Rubin’s Blog (Happiness

I Cut Out Every Unnecessary Thing….

And in Psychology Today



On MSNBC NewsNation:

On NBC Nightly News, Making a Difference:

On the Washington Post, Post Partisan Blog: Putting We Got Him into Perspective:

In the Guardian (U.K.): Osama bin Laden Aftermath:

Tweeted by Rachel Maddow:

MSNBC: Surge Means Something to these Families

The BBC World Service: Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan

“Here and Now”/NPR: Operation Marriage

“On Point”/NPR: Military Spouses Roundtable

The San Diego Reader: Daddy’s Home. Now What?

The New York Times: To Keep Homefires Burning, Grab That Boa

USA Today: Mom’s Plight Shows Army’s Strain

Charlotte Magazine: Leaving. Fighting. Loving. Living.

PRI/BBC World Service: The Wikileaks Files and Government Transparency

American Legion Magazine: Behind the Blue Star The Future of Afghanistan