Voyeurism and cheap thrills

I can talk about my mama, but you can’t. Same goes for my sisters, my brother, my husband, my kids and all my friends. Likewise, I can talk about my military family, but you can’t — not unless you’re in that family, too.

I can joke about wives who wear their husband’s PTs to the Commissary and wear his rank on their ACU patterned purses. (BTW- can we please let that trend — which I admit was kind of cute at first — just die? Immediately.) And I can talk about snobby officer’s wives and the feminine tattoo show that military formals have become and bumper stickers that read, “I’m the reason he’s late for PT” and all the nasty cheating going on during deployments, and all of that. But, I. Better. Not. Hear. Someone. Who. Hasn’t. Walked. The. Walk. Saying. The. First. Negative. Thing. About. Any. Of. Us.

Got it?

Because if I do, if I hear anyone in that wider world of those who haven’t worn the uniform or loved someone who velcroes up for work each day thinking for a second they can criticize or judge us, I will fight with my words and my fists. Maybe with some kicks, too … I haven’t gotten to kick anyone in a very long time.

And that is why I’m worried about this:  The same people who picked out the Guido/Guidette-trash parade that is The Jersey Shore, are now casting military wives for a reality show based on us. Ladies, these people are not your friends.

I’d bet every last cent in my pathetic savings account that Doron Ofir Casting is not interested in celebrating the sacrifices and patriotism of our military families. I seriously doubt they want to share our noble moments with the world. I’d be beyond shocked if they’d considered for even a second that telling our heroic, inspiring stories would motivate our nation to support us during these most trying of times.

Nope. These vultures want to watch us crash and burn. And they hope to peddle our heartbreak to the masses, who will no doubt gleefully tune in to see our marriages dissolve and our friendships splinter.

You want fame, ladies? Keep doing what you already do well and, I promise, the people who matter will notice. But, like my grandma (and you aren’t allowed to talk about her, either) used to say: Don’t cast your pearls before swine. YOU — and only You — should be the one who gets to decide how you are presented to the world. Don’t let them sell you short.