See your homecoming video in a Country Music video





    Jamie O’Neal wants your homecoming videos.

The powerful-voiced country singer, a long-time military supporter and a spokeswoman for the Fisher House, has a song called “Soldier Comin’ Home” and she wants to include real military homecoming footage in the video. But, lest you think this is another tear-jerking, flag-waving song (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) the song is actually not about the military, the war or any of the standard patriotic fare. It’s about a woman who sees a soldier get off a plane and run, totally excited and not caring who was watching, towards his wife. She says in the lyrics:

…Made me stop and wonder when’s the last time you looked at me

Like you were a soldier comin’ home
Like you counted the nights you were gone
Like each moment together’s more precious than ever because you’re safe inside of my arms
Like you can’t get enough of me when you make love to me like you were a soldier comin’ home.

That’s when it hit me, just the way she was looking at him.
Caught up in the moment she forgot all the lonely she’s been…

But don’t take my word for it — listen to the song for yourselves here.

Here’s what Jamie told me about the music video project:

“I want all your readers to know that I am really thrilled to share their precious homecomings with the world. The song “Soldier Comin’ Home” is about everyday people looking to soldiers for their inspiration. We can only imagine the sacrifice and bravery required. Its also about not taking the little moments for granted. All any of us has is today and we need to be more aware of how precious our loved ones are.”
You can enter the contest by clicking here and uploading your homecoming video. In addition to seeing your family in a nationally-released video, there are also some great prizes and you get a free download of the song just for entering.
Jamie told me, “Performing for the troops in Iraq, Turkey and Germany has made me very aware of the sacrifice and danger they face on a daily basis. I was particularly struck by some hospitals I visited and met soldiers who were at my show a few days earlier. I will always be there anytime I am asked.”
Jamie went on to say that she loves performing for the military and that troops are her favorite audience. “That’s why I wanted to do the contest, to shine a light on my heroes,” she said.
Both of her parents were entertainers and played for the troops in Vietnam during the war,” O’Neal said. “They came under attack a few times. So its natural for me to follow in their footsteps.”
As for the Fisher House, she said she became interested in working with the Fisher House after learning about how they help families be together during treatment and healing. So, when she was offered the chance to place her song, “Soldier Comin’ Home” on the “My Country Smash Hits Vol. 2” compilation — which donates a percentage of every sale to Fisher House — she jumped at the opportunity.

You can buy that album, which includes songs from a veritable Who’s Who in Country Music, here:

So search your hard drives, find that perfect video clip, and send it in to Jamie today!