3 thoughts on “NY Times blog – Getting Beyond ‘Who Had it Worse’

  1. I enjoyed your article and agree that we all need to work together to help our newer veterans/soldiers adjust to a world that is different than the one they are coming home from. I am a Vietnam veteran and am always willing to assist those that come home from todays war.

    • Greetings Rebekah

      Getting Beyond, you’re right on!!
      Vietnam Scout Dog Handler 1969-70
      Keep on-some of us may can help other than lunches & dinners or thank yous??
      Thank You and the best


  2. Hi Rebekah,

    I appreciate what you are trying to do. It’s the right thing to do. I’m a disabled Vietnam infantry vet. If all was right in the world, there would be no space between veterans of any war. I don’t think Iraq or Afghan vets have it better than Vietnam vets at all. That’s just the anger, dismay, and sense of betrayal that most vets go through as time passes and sacrifices are forgotten by all but the vet. The Iraq and Afghan vets will soon be budgetary items, just as all vets have become after each war. The only exception being WW2, when vets were a large enough voting block, and service and sacrifice were far more universal than any war since. When these two wars end, the vets of these wars will be forgotten. And when Applebees and Outback or whatever has gotten the publicity they want, they’ll toss off the vets. The return on investment will diminish and vets will be forgotten as they always have.

    But, that’s not the problem I have with the way these narratives play out. There are no heroes in a war. There are only young people who were courageous beyond imagination, some who were cowards, some who were criminals, and some who were just ‘there.’ What the bestowal of the meaningless term “Hero” does is to glorify war for the next generation of kids who will go to war. If a veteran comes home from a war and accepts the garland of ‘Hero,’ I have my doubts that they are a veteran at all. By buying into the glorification of the warrior as ‘hero’ you do a disservice to future generations. I hope you give that some thought, and, perhaps, find out about how this country has treated its veterans over our short history.

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