Medal of Honor, The New York Times

At least according to the priority given to stories on Google news, the awarding today of the Medal of Honor to a living GWOT veteran for only the second time, is not as important as the news that the singer Jewel had a baby. Arghh. Sometimes I feel like I’m shouting into an empty barrel and impressing myself with the volume of my voice.

What does it say about our national interests that, during war time, we are less taken with real world heroes than we are with a B-list celebrity giving birth?

But still, there is big news here in Rebekah-land. Today my words are on The New York Times’ website, on the At War blog. I share my thoughts on the Medal of Honor, namely that it hasn’t been awarded frequently enough.

Aside from my griping, we should all be proud to live in the same country with men like SFC Leroy Petry, an Army Ranger who just received the Medal of Honor after losing his hand in 2008 when he tossed away an enemy grenade in order to prevent two of his buddies from being injured.

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  1. Hitting the New York Times makes your butt look big.


    I’ve followed your blog at the Fayobserver for years. Your insider’s perspective on military life deserves a wider audience. Congrats on getting it.

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