Discounts, just in time for Christmas

Great news if you’re in the Fayetteville area: The Army’s Army has launched a blog to guide you to all the military discounts in town. (a very appropriate name, if you ask me — which you didn’t, but this is my blog so I get to pretend that you did…) has listings and links to the deals being offered to milfams in the ‘Ville. (yep, I just wrote ‘the ‘Ville’. Nine years in this town and I’d managed to avoid ever having said that. Drats!)

The discounts are listing in running blog style, with new listings posted often, but the discounts are also divided into categories like Art, Amusements, Dining and Golf — so check it out:

And if you’re not in the Fayetteville area but you are in a military family — and particularly if you happen to live in the Hampton Roads,  San Diego or Washington, D.C. areas — check out Troopswap is similar to Groupon in that merchants on the site offer limited time deals to potential customers, the only difference is that the customers have to be in a military family to take advantage of the deals. Troopswap’s motto is: “Because a life of service should have its perks!” — and what’s not to love about that?

And, just in case you’re wondering (and you probably weren’t, but again — this is my blog and I get to pretend that you were) Troopswap says that they  plan to expand into other military towns, including Fayetteville, someday … so maybe if more people in the Bragg-area beg them to, they’ll make our area next on their list. (hint, hint).